A downloadable game for Windows

In January 2015, the Fantastic Witch Project was restarted to incorporate everything I had learned into a new, much more cohesive thing. This coincided with my introduction into Alpha Six Production and the tools made available to me from it.

This project lasted until August 2015, where I decided large projects of this kind were strangling me creatively, and that the RPG format simply had too much bloat and baggage to be worthwhile to pursue alone. This is the glorious mess which resulted from those troubled 8 months of redevelopment.

Note: The source is more recent than the preview build, so there's more stuff in it, including some a couple things from the screenshots.

Install instructions

Play it with an Xinput-compatible controller for the best results. Enjoy!


FWC-Preview1- 5 MB
FWC-Source.zip 26 MB